Pipe Products

Pipe and pipe fittings, including nipples, plugs, valves and weld fittings, in a variety of finishes and configurations.

Industrial Belts & Hoses

Air hoses, discharge and washdown water hoses, and ducting for light bulk material handling, air and fume movement and dust collection.

Machining & Engineering

Custom machining and pipe fittings to your specifications, and engineering to develop new applications for unique needs.

Distributor of Pipe Fittings, Industrial Belts, Hoses, Piping, Tubing

Service Steel & Supply distributes pipe fittings, valves, industrial hoses, piping and tubing. We are committed to finding solutions to your needs with a broad array of products, and our knowledge and expertise.

Service Steel & Supply’s success is built upon its commitment to a “Beyond the Basics” approach that ensures excellence by offering engineering innovation, inventory management, fulfillment, and an unprecedented commitment to customer service. Service Steel & Supply keeps pace with tight production schedules.

Call our sales team at 414-433-0088, or toll-free at 844-289-7378 for solutions to your pipe fitting, industrial belt, pipe and tubing needs.